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Ever purchased something online and seen a 'have gift wrapped' option at checkout? Ever been tempted to click it? Well be tempted no more because you're going to put your stamp of individuality onto every gift you ever give in the future!

I LOVE giving presents. I love sourcing them, I love coming up with themes, I love paper, I love washi tape (unhealthily, some would say), I love posting parcels, and I love it when the receiver knows it's come from you before they've read the label.

Recently my long looooong time friend Cati had a birthday, and I saw this as a super opportunity to put together a birthday box with all the things she loves best inside. I wanted it to be perfect right down to the blue and shimmery pink shredded paper that protected the bits inside, and it didn't come out too badly if I say so myself!

A last minute snap from the drive to the post office!
So to help boost gift-wrapping skills the world over, here's some examples of beautifully wrapped gifts you can easily, and cheaply replicate at home.


This is SO simple but so effective - instead of the tags pictured you could use old photographs. You know that accidental picture you took of a brick wall? Use it! It's unique and looks amazing contrasted against the brown paper. Brown paper and string can be bought in bulk for a low cost, and you can change their look each time.


Paper bags designed for packed lunches can be bought for cheaps online and can be personalised beautifully for gifts! This one has handprinted polka dots - a pink bow makes for a very demure present!


This idea is GENIUS - if you haven't got masses of cash to splash out on gifts, this hot chocolate kit is perfect if you want to be thoughtful but also want to eat food next week. Clip lock jars are around £2, and with the ingredients, it's no more than £6 in total. There are so many variations you could do with this - CLUE: pinterest is the ultimate source.


This one is excellent for those people in our loves who don't like clutter, erroneous gifts or who are just difficult to buy for! You're giving them a gift of life! (slow growing life, but life none the less!) Again, jars aren't much money, and if you have pebbles and sand in your garden (or scavenge from gardens that do), you only need a cactus  and you're good to go! I especially love the tags.


This one is maaaaaybe christmas themed (is the snowflake a giveaway?) but you could adapt it in a non festive fashion. The point is - look how simple it is! Everyone can make a paper snowflake (fold and cut, fold and cut), and with some brown paper and string, you've got an excellent, and unique gift.

Thanks for reading - I hope this has given you some good ideas!

Until the next adventure...

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  1. Love these DIYs! I'm a major DIY fan and I love giving gifts so this post is perfect for me :)

    Carly xo


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