Lou Lou's Vintage Fair | Norwich

I'd had this on my radar for quite a while, as I've found that the best incentive for writing is having something to look forward to, which in this instance was Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in St. Andrews Hall, Norwich.

I'd worked extra hard the day before to 'book off' some time the next day, and it payed off! Myself and Mum set off in time for the fair's opening, parked up, and took a slow walk past pastel coloured blossom trees to get to the hall.

What a location! I've visited the Hall before many moons ago for my Year 13 Leavers Dinner, and it truly is stunning. A wonderful mix of the very, very old and recently old. It is so important to facilitate our old heritage buildings to ensure they're part of everyones future, and St. Andrews Hall is a perfect example of this. One week it will be Vintage Fair, the next an orchestra recital - not restricted to any one type of people, we Norwich folk are very lucky to call it our own.

I wasn't intending to visit for vintage clothes - the crockery and home ware stalls advertised on the event page were of highest appeal, however in reality this made up a tiny fraction of the fair. I would have been disappointed, but the diversity and quality of the clothing and accessories that were there ended making up for the lack of china in my shopping bag.

TOP VINTAGE TIP - There are some items that are definitely ALWAYS better to buy vintage, and over the past few years I've learnt to steer away from anything and everything floral for fear of looking identical to the OAP population of Britain, and stick to these:

  • Denim - it's long lasting for a reason! Levi shorts, jackets, dungarees etc - the cut varies but the price is a fraction of what you'd pay for modern denim.
  • Sunglasses - how many styles can you make?! Modern styles are copies of vintage styles, and why would you pass off the original?!
  • Vintage material, modern pattern. Ladies of the 50's are not the same shape as ladies of the 00's, generally. So if you love tea dress patterns and styles (I do!) then there are lots of companies using vintage material to recreate gorgeous designs to suit modern shapes and trends. Result! I got a polka-dot tea dress from Frilly Chantilly.

Biddy's Tea Room had a food stall - great news for me and Mum! They do ridiculously nice cakes, however we opted for some luxury sausage rolls (they should be luxury for £3 each!) with an extra one to take home to Dad. The decoration on all their products are amazing.

After an hour and a half and a much lower bank balance, the trip was an all round success! Now to head home for a cup of tea and trying on session.

My beautiful Mum waiting for me under a tree.

Purchases of the day!

Until the next adventure...

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