Fruit Picking // White House Farm

After two weeks of near solid rain in various degrees of torrential and monsoon-like, the sun finally came out (I'll forgive you, weather!)

With Joe coming down (or rather coming up) from London, I thought I'd tap into my Norfolk farmer roots and go strawberry picking.

The White House Farm is just 15 minutes out of central Norwich, and as I had been informed by my parents, was a familiar stomping ground when me and my brother were little and had buckets of energy!

The lane running up to the farm leads through a gorgeous little wood which made my toes curl in envy, especially whilst we waited for the plump hens to waddle across the road and pulled up next to a beautiful farm house.

In addition to strawberries, the farm boasts raspberries, gooseberries and what looked like plums forming although these looked far to green to be enjoyed yet.

There are rows and rows of fruit patches and if you're heading along with a golden oldie, they have raised strawberry plants so they don't have to bend over to join in.

They weigh the fruit at the end, don't tell anyone we had a cheeky nibble during the picking process, it's quality control right?

The price of our haul worked out as about 20% less than the super market, which is fantastic seeing as we had a great afternoon and hand-picked the very best!

 I planned this trip as a 'date' activity, but it would be just as nice to take little ones, your nan, or anyone who fancies a catch up doing something a little different.

There is a gorgeous little cafe in the open barn which we didn't have time to try out - next time!

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