Norfolk // Breakfast at The Dunes Cafe - Winterton-On-Sea

Another day another trip to a cafe. Oh, if only life could always be like this!

The sun smiled down over Norfolk again, and we hopped in the car for a 45 minute trip to Winterton, my absolute favourite beach in Norfolk.

The drive over was one of those roll-down-the-window and turn the radio up sort of trips. The fields hummed with a hazy due and the wildflowers tumbled over the grassy verges that line the country roads. Whoever's decision it was not to cut back verges in the height of summer, I salute you!

At 10:30am the coast was SCORCHING. It was just within my realm of bearable (so under 25 degrees!) and found a nice table tucked behind the cafe next to the cliff edge.

The dune cafe itself has been beautifully fitted out, and sells a small selection of beach essentials alongside their yummy menu and cabinet full of all things sweet and sticky.

As a regular, I knew what I wanted to order before we even got there - a fresh belgian waffle with natural yoghurt, strawberries, blueberries and yoghurt. This cafe is far from your standard coastal fry-up, and it almost makes you want to linger on the beach for just a liiiiiiittle longer so that you can pop back in for elevenses.

The breakfast options are diverse and exceptionally good for the price - my waffle cost just £3 whereas Joe's full-English only took another £4.90 out of my purse.

In past visits I've sampled the lunch menu as well, and their smoked mackerel pate and homemade bread is just gorgeous. Somehow eating fish at the seaside seems just right, strange isn't it?

Hearing the waves gently curl up and down the coastline and the surprising lack of squawking seagulls eased the stress I'd felt building up in chest for the past few days. Working on a masters dissertation over the summer months and being totally self-organised can often make you feel as though any time away from your laptop is a sin, but it's moments like this that help realign your thoughts and set you back on track, refreshed and motivated.

Winterton-on-Sea is the best in my opinion because it hasn't become hugely commercial, whether that's with arcades and Mr.Whippy machines or with boutique tea rooms and housewife hobby-shops, which break the bank before you've even dipped your toes in the water.

Winterton, stay as your are please, even you pesky cliffs who like to go diving when the sea comes too close during winter.

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