Covet // 6 Items To Get You Through That Deadline

It's T- 1 week until my dissertation is printed, bound and set after what feels like an eternity sat behind my laptop.

Yes, I knew it was coming, yes, I started in April, and no, I still wasn't prepared enough.

As a result, I'm passing on my wisdom to you about how to get through a big project, whether that's study related, writing related or real grown-up job related. Sometimes, we got stuff to do, and these are my tricks for keeping it (sort of) together when you've got a deadline coming up.

Most days when I wake up it takes a verrrry long time for my brain to catch up. The weird thing about dedicated 90% of your time to one project is that you're mentally exhausted at the end of each day despite doing next to no physical activity. Why would you move? You don't have time to move! You have a deadline! The answer to this, and most problems in life, is coffee.

My Bodum cafetiere has never had so much use. I read that you should wait for your body's natural 'wake-up' chemicals to wear off about 1 1/2 hours after getting up before turning to caffeine, so I usually don't have a coffee until around 9:30. I know it's bad, but I'll usually have another one in the afternoon if I'm feeling drowsy. Sorry body. I love getting fresh ground coffee from the The Little Red Roaster. Accept you will become a coffee snob after this. You'd only be fighting the inevitable.

If you're having a lot of caffeine you need to stay hydrated. I love using my Bobble Bottle for this, as the water in my area is quite hard and these bottles have a filter built into them to make it taste nice. It also means getting up less to refill a glass. The extra seconds count!

A slubby jumper is a must when you don't move around much, as a slight draught can feel like winter entering the room when you're sedate all day. The old folks were right all this time. Invest in a comfy jumper and you'll still have friends after they accidentally leave the door open.

When you're brain is on hyper-drive all day, you need something totally mind-numbing to switch off to at the end of the day. Dance Moms is my go to 'trash' T.V to help me chill in the evening. Ironically, there's something quite soothing about watching a giant middle aged woman scream at children about their dancing.

Next is an organiser. This might seem self-explanatory but when you have to plan so far in advance it's a total necessity. I've gotten to the stage where I plan a word count each day. Sometimes each hour. An organiser makes you think you've got a hold on everything, and gives you a legitimate excuse to say 'Hang on, let me just check my diary'.

My last item is perhaps the only one that maintains a healthy body. Snacking is inevitable when you're working on something, so you can at least make sure they're good snacks. Holland & Barrett often do 2 for 1 deals on their dried fruit, which gives your belly all the vitamins it needs to feed your brain.

There you have it!

I'm off back to my stacks of quotes and sticky notes. Wish me luck!

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