Ambling Through Richmond Park

As I type this the sky has turned from crystal blue to dove grey and the fields around my house are becoming slowly saturated with August rain.

To be honest, I'm rather thankful for it, as I have 5000 words left of my masters dissertation to write and when it's sunny outside the warmth wants to drag me out with it. Just three more weeks, just three more weeks and I'll have a hard bound copy of my biggest research project to date and will imminently be heading to Edinburgh for the last few days of the Fringe. Cannot. Wait.

In the midst of pages and pages of quotes about eighteenth century masculinity (I know, calm yourselves, it only gets more exciting from here), I took a little break to visit my boyfriend in London. The only requirement was that we spent as much time outside as possible - I definitely needed it after being cooped up inside for a few weeks!

We sipped cider on the banks of the Thames, canoed 15 miles up the Mole, past Hampton Court Palace (and stopped for a cheeky drink to rehydrate on the way), and into a cave of bats (this was not my idea), had coffee and cake in the garden (more than once, or twice...) and took the dog for a long walk through Richmond Park.

Border collies have boundless energy. I, however, do not. Luckily Maddie patiently waited for us each time we stopped for a bit of sponging (or taking in your surroundings, as it is more commonly known), with a few heavy pants and her nose to the ground searching for a good stick.

Joe took me into the Isabella plantation, which I would describe as an 'undone landscape'. It's been cultured and pruned but still has the feel of a rambling country garden. Ducklings and moorhens included.

The deer were no where to be seen today, but I don't blame them as the heat was pretty intense. They were most likely having a little paddle in the stream or snoozing in the shade of the ferns.

With my little holiday from writing over, here I am back at my laptop with far too many MS Word pages open.

Send coffee, pronto.

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