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Here in the UK, Summer is definitely in full swing. Apparently we're in a heat wave, but they say that every year, so I can't help thinking that it's a repetitive misinterpretation of warm weather.

Every morning that I get woken up by fresh beams of sunlight peeking through the crack in my curtain I want to spend all day getting drunk on the summer haze, but alas, this summer I'm stuck in the final throws of my masters dissertation. It isn't so much sun worship as laptop worship at the moment, but I've still managed to experience summer and these are some of the items that come along on the ride with me.

Finding myself on a short break in London with bare nails (gasp!) I picked up some Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish. It dries really quickly and has a gorgeous glossy finish. Sometimes with pastel nail shades it takes two or three coats to build up pigmentation, but with this one it comes out bright in one clean sweep. I'm especially loving the mint green shade right now, it looks lovely against a tan.

A food favourite next, and it's R White's Lemonade Ice Lolly. Perfect for a cool down during a hot day and very refreshing! It makes your tongue bleed a little, but personally I see this as a sign of a lolly done right!

My next favourite is a beautiful mug that I found in Lisa Angel - a shop in Norwich that I could quite happily own every single item from. It's the perfect size for a cappuccino or a big mug of tea, and is surprisingly chunky considering the beautifully delicate design. If you still have child tendencies like me, filling the mug up to the duck with peppermint tea provides boundless satisfaction as it looks like a miniature pond. There are lots of different designs and they come in pretty boxes too, so are perfect for presents. I went with the Duck Tales in a Teacup design, as the little frog reminds me of my nanny.

Oh, how happy I was the day I picked up my Nikon D3200 DSLR camera! I've been thinking of buying a DSLR for a long long time, and as I've gotten so into blogging, I pushed the boat out and invested in this entry-level Nikon. I'd read dozens of reviews and this seemed to have the best bang for my buck. Expect lots of pictures with varying degrees of quality in future posts during snatched walks away from my books.

I've been on the quest for a decent BB cream and had almost given up hope after buying other brands which were too oily and caused break outs. However, after seeing The Body Shop's Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream on offer for £6 I can honestly say it's been a welcome addition to my summer make-up routine! I apply it with a foundation brush and it glides on smoothly with great coverage and slight tea tree scent. It doesn't clump like foundation when I wear glasses and has so far kept my skin feeling nice and fresh.

After getting the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner free in a copy of Glamour, I've since repurchased and loved using it. It's the only 'felt-tip' style liquid eyeliner that I've used time and time again without it drying up, even over heavy eyeshadow. It doesn't show any sign of letting up even after 4 months of use, and the colour is densely pigmented without the need to go over. Result!

My last favourite is dungarees. These ones are from Topshop although I'm loving my vintage denim dungarees and some light patterned ones from Primark. When I'm sitting down a lot writing and the weather is warm I've felt it's really important to be comfy yet look like you've bothered to dress yourself properly, so here is the answer!

I hope you've enjoyed my Summer Favourites, we'll see what Autumn brings in a few months...

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