The Sunny Sweet Pea Postcard Swap 2014

Today saw the postbox round the corner filled with a slightly different style of post, because I sent off my postcards to the five lovely ladies who are in my group for Sunny Sweet Pea's 2014 Postcard Swap.

I had such fun flicking through boxes of vintage postcards at my local antique shop and think I found a relevant postcard for each recipient. Well, as relevant as it can be when you're writing to a stranger!

There is something quite liberating about hand-writing a message to someone I don't know at all, and the process of constructing each card by hand had a therapeutic feel to it. It makes you slow down, take time to think and reflect.

The benefits of modern communication are hard to argue with, but one day a year dedicated to snail mail certainly does wonders for the soul.

I hope the bloggers receiving these like them, and a big thanks goes to Sunny Sweet Pea for organising it all.


  1. Hello Abigail! I just received my postcard and I love it, it is just perfect! I sent mine off yesterday (late I know) so you should receive it any day now! x

  2. Hello! I'm so pleased you like it! Can't wait to see what comes through my letter box :) Loved picking yours out x

  3. Oh my! I can't wait to get my postcard - This is such a fun exercise. I hope you receive yours soon!


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