A Month in Pins | August

Here's a small selection of the pins that caught my eye in the month of August. 

1. A tinted postcard from the 1910's inspired my search for vintage postcards in the run up to the Sunny Sweet Pea Postcard Swap 2014.
2. These nature inspired stacked rings.
3. This busy yet organised home office desk fitted into a tiny space.
4. Autumn outfits adapted from summer staples. Boots, tights, and floppy scarves? Yes please!
5. Beautifully delicate and detailed embroidery birds. A long-term project I think...
6. Sweet potato fries. Words cannot express my love for these. I won't even try.
7. An adapted pistachio and cranberry biscuit recipe appeared in my bake-off challenge post here.
8. Boho style waves and braids for short hair.
9. A recent weather turn inspired this crafty pin to turn an old jumper into feet warmers.

Click on the numbers to find credits and find more pins by following me here.

Autumn is creeping into our lives and I couldn't be more pleased!

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