Five Happy Things This Week // 2

| 1. Making macaroons for the first time ever and them actually turning out ok! A lesson not to get too big for your boots, as another batch on Thursday resembled dodgy marshmallows, perhaps making attempt one even more satisfying!

| 2. Sourcing some beautiful antique frames from eBay in preparation for an exciting creative project. Pinterest, you won't know what hit you. Think French, gold and gilted. Watch this space.

| 3. A night out with friends after a verrryyyy long time being a good girl. Good food, good wine, and a lot of not so good shots. Sore heads the next day but some fun memories!

| 4. Making my absolute favourite dish moussaka for my family. Seconds and thirds were consumed! Took a long time but definitely worth it.

| 5. My brother sending me adorable pictures of his rabbit Popcorn during a muggy afternoon spent doing chores. What else do you need to brighten a day? Send all the bunnies my way please!

What lovely things did you do this last week?

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