Five Happy Things (Last) Week // 3

| 1. Seeing the cabin I'll be moving into with Joe slowly starting to resemble a real, grown up place of our own. All the scrubbing, painting and sanding was totally worth it after having done it together (to be honest, him far more than me!). The London exchange is in full swing...

| 2. Getting back in the kitchen and baking some proper meaty lamb and mint pasties. With the weather turning it feels like the right time to start the 'meat and potatoes' diet. (NB: Not a real diet).

| 3. Going homeware shopping (when did I turn into an adult?!) with my Mum and getting some really cute bits for the cabin to make it feel like home. Also my incessant need to own matching place mats. That too.

| 4. Being an hour and a half early to watch my Dad in his rowing race, but consequently getting a perfect moment of countryside bliss watching cows munching grass across the river whilst sipping a cappuccino. Very pastoral, it looked a lot like a Constable painting!

| 5. Planning a very impulsive trip to Ireland with my long time bestie to stay with her parents in the North. Currently typing from a very comfy bed overlooking the Andrim Coast and feeling extremely content. Not having a job yet isn't so bad after all...

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