Five Happy Things This Week // 1

| 1. Turning up to my friend Gabi's new house with another long-time friend, Hannah. Except we accidentally wore the same outfit. Again. I'd like to say this hasn't happened before but I'd be lying. I like to think we're just secretly complimenting each other.

| 2. Bumping into the friendliest little ginger cat who trotted across the road for a cuddle. Well, I say cuddle, he just tumbled around under my feet and played with my shoelaces. Still nice though.

| 3. Getting my battered copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone out and reading it on the train to London. There was quite a lot of melted chocolate in between some of the pages. Naughty 8 year old Abigail who chomped on minstrels and read under the bed!

| 4. Long chats over tea, coffee, and more tea with my boyfriend. Nothing compares to being face to face. Nothing compares to village internet, which is far more to the point.

| 5. Having a sibling day with my brother, in which we did all our favourite things. Dim sum (lots of it), a film, and making our bellies ache from laughing so much.

I love reading these posts on other blogs and have decided to start my own series here, every sunday. It's a nice way to round off the week, and taps into my compulsion to catalogue life's little moments. Also, I just learnt how to put an overlay on a picture. So that's another happy thing I guess!

Next week, look out for a book review of Tampa by Alissa Nutting, a post about the rejuvenating effect of Autumn and some extra snippets thrown in for good measure.

What were some of your happy moments this week? Leave a comment, I'd love to know.


  1. Lovely post! Dim Sum is the best! Cats are just the cutest aren't they? I enjoyed a lovely Saturday in London with my boyfriend which was a very happy thing indeed.

  2. Norwich has the BEST dim sum place, it rivals anywhere in London for sure! Counting down the days until I live somewhere I can own a cat again. Your sunday sounds lovely, I saw your post and it looks like you managed to see loads!


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