Norfolkian Bellies Cheer at the Feast on the Street

A little post today with some highlights from the 'Feast on the Street' event that recently happened in Norwich. Myself and two long-time friends took a 'special occasion' trip into town to catch the event as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Food and Drink Festival. Giant crispy duck pancakes and cupcakes for £1.50 = the way to a girl's heart.

When I say little I do mean a verrrrry little event, with around 7 or 8 food and drink stalls, but I honestly haven't experienced this level of diversity in street food since being at the Southbank last summer! All the stalls source their ingredients locally and are based in Norfolk, and I've heard on the grape vine that the 'Feast on the Street' was so popular it'll be making a regular come back.

This might sound trivial for you London lot who have as many sushi stands as we have sugar beat fields, but here in Norfolk we take things on at a slower pace. My Grandpop considered garlic bread a 'foreign food' for most of his life, no word of a lie. It's 2014 and times they are a-changing.

Sat on the steps, my chums around me and a belly full of duck, I was a very happy bunny indeed.

The next 'Feast on the Street' is on 25th September. Go along, your taste buds will thank you.

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