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What a welcome relief this was after all the sweetness from the last few weeks! Seriously, I've been on a sugar crash after 'accidentally' making three times the amount of desserts needed for last episode's challenge. Pie, as I have been quoted saying before, is always a treat.

This week I made a Four and Twenty Chicken & Ham Pie, and boy did I not know what I was letting myself in for!

I followed this recipe from the BBC Good Food website, and as I didn't change it too much I'm only going to note the few adaptations I made.

The first thing to note is the HUGE difference in timing! The recipe states 30 minutes for prep and 1hr 45mins for cooking. Umm, try 4 and a half hours in the kitchen! This pie was a labour of love over a whole saturday afternoon.

I pretty much ignored the chicken quantities and instead roasted one large chicken, which did the job just fine. I jumped on the hot water crust pastry bandwagon and it was much easier than I expected. It's also realllly robust so I didn't need to patchwork the holes up. I also added a cheeky bit of asparagus, because why not? As my filling was all pre-cooked, I only put it in the oven for one hour, with two doses of egg glaze.

I tell you what, it ended up bloomin' gorgeous! It does weigh the same as a toddler, but a slice of this with a good chutney and a bit of salad is an absolute dream. Shall we pretend that it's a three tier pie? Alright then!

The cranberries, apricots and pistachios give it an unusual flavour but is a nice twist on an old pork pie favourite. I'll definitely leave this one for a special occasion - perhaps boxing day with the inevitably left over turkey.

Bake Off was far less intense than last week, can we ever rival Bingate 2014?! Norman, the poetry speaking Scottish OAP heartthrob will leave a Highlands shaped hole in my heart.

Hopes are not high for European Cakes week... Does a french fancy count?

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