Thornage Hall Garden Fete and All the Good Things

Is it really Autumn? The past few days have been BEAUTIFUL. This weekend cast the perfect combination of sunshine together with a perfectly warm 23 degrees. Ah. May. Zing.

Is there anything better to do with a bright September weekend than go to a garden fete? No, of course not! Sunday took the whole family up to Holt in north Norfolk for the Thornage Hall garden fete, and it was just one of those perfect days. The best company, gorgeous weather, homemade food and animals galore. Did I mention there was a puppy contest? All the good things!

We arrived pretty much as soon as the gates opened, as Mum declared 'all the good stuff would be gone' had we arrived any later. She wasn't wrong, as within an hour three trips back to the car were required for all the goodies we'd spotted.

The day definitely felt like a smack-bang combination of summer and autumn. Pumpkins and ice cream, sunshine and blankets, harvest crops and cows settled in the shed.

There's something beautifully serene about calfs. Their gentle features and lack of wariness give them a doleful inquisitiveness that always has a calming effect on me. Saying that, I once narrowly avoided a cow stampede by jumping into a canoe and escaping onto the river. A story for another day, I think. 

The barn had a heady smell of sweet hay and warm bedding. The best smell in the world, if you ask me. Just look at the size of those sweet potatoes! Think of the wedges...

Thornage Hall is used as a residential and working environment for adults with autism and special needs, which is a true testament to some of the wonderful products being sold on the day. We picnicked on what could possibly be the last BBQ of 2014, listened to music on blankets and watched the most hilarious dog show imaginable. Picture this: a ring full of male rescue dogs, except they're all being rehabilitated for aggressive tendencies. Mayhem. Who knew a fete could provide so much drama.

September always has a feeling of change in the air, this year especially so. For the first time since I was a ickle little four year old I won't be starting a new academic year. No new notepads and pencils for me, but 'grown up' clothes (whatever those may be), work shoes and cv writing. Scary times? Exciting times? Yes to both.

Needless to say, the boots are back on and I'm definitely enjoying the outside after spending so much of summer typing away inside.

September, you gorgeous thing you.

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