Covet // Woodland Inspired Autumnal Jewellery

Despite what the weather here in England is saying, autumn is definitely on it's way. We have orange leaves carpeting the paths mixed with sunshine that just won't stop. For me, the woods is my absolute favourite place to go for a wander and September always seems to pull me into the shade of pine trees, mulchy bark underfoot with quite often, a face full of cobwebs.

I've spotted some absolutely gorgeous woodland inspired jewellery, and my wish list has grown tenfold as a result. Here are some of my favourite finds.

1. Boleyn Peridot and Oak Leaf Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity.

2. Honey Bee Earrings by smallbluethings.

3. Gold Leaf and Silver Twig Stacking Rings by ColbyJuneJewelry.

4. Gilded Folia Necklace by Anthropologie.

5. Bringing the Honey Home Bee Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity.

6. Oak Leaf and Sycamore Necklace by Glover and Smith.

7. Branch Hairpiece by CarrieBilbo.

8. Winter Forest Bangle by Marie Walshe Jewellery.

Does anyone else love the woods as much as me?


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