A Month in Pins // September

Here's a selection of the pins that caught by eye in September. Enjoy!

1. This 'wet hair' updo pretty much sums up how I was often split between looking nice or being late in September.
2. My 'future house' board has seen some extra additions this month as I prepare for yet another move, but perhaps the most exciting one yet. More on that at a later date...
3. Autumn showed signs of appearing in August, then summer came back, then the leaves started turning so it must be autumn now, right?! These autumnal deer reminded me of those in Richmond Park, which I'll be seeing a lot more of in the future!
4. Whenever my mind wanders I always seem to pin more pictures of rabbits. One day, one day I'll have a little fluffy one to call my own.
5. I love layering. I also love forest colours. So september had me obsessed with the idea of crisp air and thick scarves the size of picnic blankets. This one is the exact colour of the leaves that are quickly carpeting the lane outside.
6. This colour scheme is so gorgeous. I've tried my best to organise the interior of my new pad around it. The rich plum and country blue aren't obvious choices together, but look gorgeous. 
7. In the past week I've been climbing salty sea rocks, ambling across the coast and traipsing through the woods in Ireland. Lace up boots and thick socks were a wardrobe staple!
8. These lamb, mint and sweet potato pasties gave me inspiration for the 'pastry week' phase of the Great British Bake Off. Definitely a meal in and of itself! Check out how I did here.
9. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about 'spare time' and how I shouldn't waste it. Some beautiful pins showcasing 'contemporary calligraphy' like this have given me ideas of learning how to letter with ink and a quill. I'll be sure to share the result with you!

Click on the numbers to find credits and find more pins by following me here.

September, you were a whirlwind! October, I have high hopes for you!

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