Five Happy Things This Week // 4

| 1. Feeling like children again in the back of my friend's Mum's car driving around the coast of Ireland. Lots of songs, silly voices, 'would you be my friend if I laughed like this...' discussions and being reverted back to a 12 year old.

| 2. Seeing Cati's new rescue dog Josie being let out onto the beach for the first time. Pure, unadulterated happiness. Do I eat the sand, dig the sand, or roll in the sand? All three apparently!

| 3. Stumbling across Game of Thrones being filmed in Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland. How the huge production lorries managed to navigate the teeny tiny cliff top roads is beyond me! No sightings of Jon Snow, unfortunately. I snapped some hurried pictures here.

| 4. Meeting some interesting characters at the local rugby lunch this saturday... celebrity helicopter pilots, an ex-priest and an England rugby legend. Who knew Norfolk had such hidden gems!

| 5. Actually managing to fit everything I needed into one car for the move down to London. This doesn't sound like much, but I had to hire a van to collect my bits from Uni...

What happy things did you experience this week? I'd love to know!

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