Five Happy Things This Week // 5

| 1. That feeling of waking up and being so perfectly cosy the thought of getting out of bed is positively painful. Chilly bedroom air courtesy of wooden window frames and lots of fluffy blankets to nest under makes hibernation seem a very desirable option right now.

| 2. Finding a contemporary book NOT set in the 1700's that I actually really, really love. I'm an eighteenth century-ist through and through and am slowly being weened off bonnets and ballrooms. Zadie Smith (I know, book lovers should have turfed me out of the club by now) could perhaps bring me into the modern world yet...

| 3. Meeting my old university housemate on the Southbank in an 'end-of-a-romcom-film' style running hug. Summer wasn't a hive of social activity for me as I had my head full of books and dissertation notes, so a humungous coffee (seriously, it was served in a cereal bowl) and a slow walk around the Tate Modern chatting and sometimes looking at art was a real treat indeed.

| 4. Having cats in the house again. Well, enticing them into the cabin, anyway. AND they're super friendly. Giving out belly rubs and chin tickles without being clawed is a definite bonus.

| 5. Living with a boyfriend who is so very good at DIY. Give me a mop and a homeware catalogue any day, but the hammer and nails are much better wielded by him. Perhaps rare to find in 21-year-old men nowadays!

What were your happy things this week? I love hearing them!

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