Five Happy Things This Week // 6

| 1. Opening an email that wasn't a sale promotion or library fine reminder (must get round to that) but a real life invite to a job interview, which has turned into a real life internship! Hooray! Once firm friends, me and social media just got a whole lot more involved. Does grown up life start now? Answers on a postcard...

| 2. Getting lost in Wimbledon Common. Note to self: when someone says 'the dog will show you the way' they really mean 'the dog will chase squirrels until you're so lost that 'following the river' is your only hope to find civilisation once again.' Perfect weather, no agenda and a very soggy dog at the end of it. An excellent way to while away two and half hours!

| 3. Pulling together a three course Lebanese dinner in around an hour. Lots of rogue lemons, whizzy machines, little dishes and flat breads the size of a bed sheet. Also managing to squeeze a full sized dining table into the cabin, which was an achievement in itself! Happy belly, happy heart.

| 4. FINALLY being able to get my hands on a copy of 'Oh Comely' magazine after spotting it in Dublin airport and not managing to squeeze it into my hand luggage. Beautiful photography, gorgeous illustrations and pages full of interesting women who have something clever to say.

| 5. This week's weather deserves a medal all of it's own. Bright sunshine dappled through the trees, squelchy mud and clear skies. Bliss!

What were some of your happy things? Let me know below :)


  1. I love happy posts :) CONGRATS on the internship! Aaaand love Oh Comedy!

    PS x

    1. Thanks! As much as lazy days are nice, having a job does get you out of bed earlier! Can't believe I hadn't heard of Oh Comely before - such a good read. x

  2. I love Oh Comely, I haven't bought an issue in ages though so I must really invest in the latest one! x

  3. Follow the river…. it works no matter where you live if you are lost hahaha.



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