Five Happy Things This Week // 7

| 1. Discovering that I'd started my new internship on the first day of office Great British Bake Off. The stars have aligned!

| 2. The two little boys on the tube who blew raspberries at each other with such diligence that the whole carriage of silent commuters were chuckling at them together.

| 3. Seeing the look on my Mum's face when I turned up at her work having travelled from London to surprise her for her birthday. Lots of smiles, hugs and copious watching of 'Dance Moms' ensued. You just can't beat it.

| 4. The cold breeze that trickled through the underground and cooled my forehead after the most disgustingly hot, sticky and cramped journey with a very heavy suitcase. Sunday has a rush hour?! Eurgh.

| 5. Bumping into old friends in my hometown when picking up bath bombs and a copy of 'The Simple Things' for a night of self-indulgent pampering. It's the 'bumping into old friends' part I'll concentrate on, as I had in fact locked myself out of the house and spent the evening staring longingly up at the bathroom from the cold confines of the garden. Thank God for my nanny and her many cups of tea and biscuits.

What are your happy things this week? I love hearing them.


  1. Another lovely list! That is very good timing with your internship! Have a great week! x

  2. Now that's what I call good timing!!
    I'm guessing the Sunday rush hour is like the strange Sunday rush hour we have here, everyone arriving back in town for the Monday. Although for me, it's countless students back from having their washing done at home on the weekend, London, I guess they're a little more hard working haha

    1. Haha perhaps that's true! It's mainly tourists on sunday - I heard a lot of american accents on the tube so I reckon it was museum kicking out time!


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