The Great British Bake Off Blogger Challenge | Advanced Dough

As last week (or last, last week?) on Bake Off was Advanced Dough week, I didn't feel like it was the best one to rush. I'd gotten all the ingredients (how expensive are vanilla pods?!) but Ireland whisked me away and I spent my time discovering potato bread, soda bread, and other equally delightful carbohydrates that fuelled hikes along the Antrim Coast.

It was job #1 when I got back, however, and I went for the technical challenge - a Povitica (guesses on how to pronounce this properly are welcome). As this one was a complete stumble in the dark I used Paul Hollywood's recipe, which can be found here. It reads like a sweet bread and does taste a bit like brioche, with a delicious nutty, chocolatey spread that's rolled into the dough in the 'construction' phase. The filling is a lot like nutella, but even tastier (if that's possible!).

Here's my finished loaf! I had quite a little bread tin so I managed two and half 'U' shapes, but this made even more swirls so I wasn't complaining! Rolling out the dough into a really thin sheet is tricky - rub flour over your hands and forearms and you can get underneath it to stretch it out a bit more! I didn't have a spare single bed sheet lying around to roll out the dough onto (who would?!) so I carpeted the dining table in clingfilm, which worked just as well!

Spreading the paste is also reallllly hard. I had to keep microwaving it to keep it tactile but I still had some empty patches in the end. I have no idea how they managed on the show! You could pipe it but I think it would look too 'put together' if that makes sense.

Paul Hollywood drizzles icing over his, but as the bread is quite sweet anyway I don't think it needs it - the golden crust is just as nice to look at.

I have no idea how I'm going to manage next week, it's that time in the series where the challenges are so difficult you'd need a fully equipped patisserie to make a good go of it! It certainly says a lot when a 20 layer cake seems the most achievable!

Alas, I'll be in a new kitchen borrowing pretty much everything, so I guess that is like Bake Off in a way.

What did you think of the bakes? Did you try any yourself?

If you want to check out this series so far click here.


  1. Hi,

    Lovely pictures and well done it turned out so great. Would have loved to see more pictures from the process though than just the final result. It would have been interesting to see the stages inbetween. I'll give it a try next week and lovely blog design btw :)

    Caz xxx

  2. Thanks! I usually do stage-by-stage photos but I started this so late in the evening the lighting wasn't so good! I'll do process pictures next time :) Thanks for the comment, let me know how you get on! x

  3. Wow this looks amazing! And bet yours wasn't raw in the middle! Star baker def goes to you! :)

    1. Thanks! No it wasn't but it definitely would have been if I'd have done it in the time they got given on the show! Proving (twice) and baking was 3 hours all together and that's without the prep time! x

  4. Wow! This looks absolutely delicious - I am very impressed. I've not attempted any of the bakes myself - I fear that mine would leave a lot to be desired!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Thanks a lot! Yep you definitely need a good afternoon to do this one! I'm dreading having to do the finale bake...


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