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It's the penultimate challenge of the series! Jolly jolly gosh, hasn't it gone quick! Once again I'm a week behind but since the last episode I've moved house and had a borrowed kitchen to contend with. Our little kitchenette isn't quite up to Bake Off standards as we only have two hobs at the moment...

Anyway, I went for the technical challenge and used Mr. Hollywood's recipe for the 20 layer Schichttorte, which can be found here. This week I was no star baker and instead fitted in the awkward 'middle' region. Not a total fail but not great either. There were issues, ok?

I followed the recipe exactly, I even took out pinches of flour to keep it exact to the gram!

Notice the amount of eggs you need?! The mixture is an odd one, the sponge is simple in terms of ingredients; eggs, butter, sugar, flour, but the stages of mixing definitely aren't normal.

You need about 100 bowls (seriously) and a lot of counter space to work with!

First you have to whisk the eggs for five minutes until they resemble a strange, glue like mixture.

Then you have to cream the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. (Let's play spot the difference). Yup, I didn't have any caster so it was light brown sugar. To be honest I have no idea if it made any difference, but it did have a nice caramel flavour at the end.

As you can see, there is a lot of whisking involved. How they made this in the olden days is beyond me. Actually, didn't they make this by spit-roasting batter over a rotisserie style fire pit? Possibly the most brazen and manly way to bake!

As the layers built there were issues with what was once a perfectly circular cake. The sponge tends to shrink when you put it under the grill and in an attempt to avoid having a conical shaped cake I had to saw bits off when all twenty *cough*sixteen*cough* layers were done.

A bit of warmed apricot jam over the top helps the glaze to stick. Pish posh, I'd thought, every time Mary Berry mentioned it in the past. The ladies not wrong though, it really does make the glaze set nicely. There's much wisdom under that perfectly sculpted blonde bob of hair.

The golden syrup, butter and vanilla essence gets brought just up to boiling point before allowing it to cool a little. The chocolate melts so easily after this stage and makes the glaze so shiny it's almost glass like.

So neat, I think I rivalled Nancy in the 'chocolate-all-over-the-bench' competition. Make sure you have little people around to lick the baking paper and bowls.

Wow, what an excellent orange icing spider web I hear you cry! Awww, thank you, that's so kind, it looks kind of real doesn't it?! *looks down in shame*

Taaa daaaaaaaa! It's an odd one in the cake department. Each layer is grilled, one light, one dark, so has quite a tough texture and is very different from our traditional English fluffy sponges. The lemon and vanilla is a really nice combination and the glaze on top is rich, buttery and a lovely light accompaniment to the cake.

I don't think I would have been able to make it in the time they had on the show, I started this at 3pm, had two people helping me and finished at nearly 6pm. It's a lot of effort for a cake and the amount of times I nearly set the oven gloves on fire is best not dwelled upon.

We've had the final already but I'm going to leave that bake for a future date. I'd love to try a massive, complicated showstopper but need some serious planning time!

Do you think you'd try this bake?

Catch up with the rest of the series here if you missed it, I've had such fun baking along with the show!


  1. Did you enjoy eating the cake? While watching the show, I wasn't sold on the fact that I'd enjoy it yet, the texture seemed a bit off-putting. xx

    1. It was a bit strange! It has the texture of a kitchen sponge to be honest... but it's got a nice vanilla and lemon flavour and the glaze is tasty but there isn't much of it. Not one I'd try again! It's pretty exhausting too having to keep jumping up to the oven every 2-3 minutes! (P.S Love your blog!) x

  2. I'm quite intrigued by this cake, I want to try it, but I dont think I have the patience to make it myself. Does it taste a bit like a pancake?

    1. It doesn't taste like pancake at all despite looking exactly like one! It has a nice vanilla and lemon flavour but the texture is a bit odd... x

  3. Wow this looks so good!! I don't think I could do this, don't have the patience, the bowls or the space! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I was tested in all of those areas! It took so long to do and boy did I ache afterwards having to jump up to the oven every 2-3 minutes!


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