Visiting Westeros Filming Spots on the Antrim Coast // N. Ireland

Well I have most definitely had an eventful few days! Being in 'post-student' world hasn't been as monotonous as many had led me to believe, as in-between pinging off job applications last week a plan very quickly rolled into reality to go on an impromptu trip to Northern Ireland with my childhood friend of 18 years - 18! Readers, meet Cati. She's a lot like me except spontaneity is her middle name.

Alas, that is why I found myself on the unbelievably beautiful Antrim coast of Ireland on Sunday. Seriously, I have never before been anywhere that was so consistently beautiful in such an un-pretentious way. Every field, every craggy cliff face, every hidden bay seemed stuck in a Romantic narrative that would have Wordsworth weak at the knees. The landscape dictates the limits of manmade structures. Houses peer over the rock face to tease the rolling waves below. A secret manor house can only be reached by driving through a cave. Sheep inhabit the steep mountain plains that people only ever look up at in wonder. Northern Ireland surprised me, which is strange seeing as I knew such little about it before.

Being girls who have always been madly into fantasy fiction (Harry Potter fans let me hear you holla), we had to visit as many Game of Thrones filming locations as possible. Guided by Cati's Mum who is a long time local as well as the rumours rumbling across the village that big production lorries had been spotted weaving around the coast, we thought it would be such a treat to visit some famous spots before they appear on television again.

The cave pictured above was home to the birth of Melisandre's shadow baby. Note: no shadow babies found on arrival.

Picnics gobbled and a large flask of coffee consumed, we hopped back in the car and headed towards Murlough Bay. Expecting to pitch the car at the top of the cliff to map the path of Stannis Baratheon down to the coast below, we turned the corner to find a HUGE film production crew preparing for a big day of filming. To say we were excited is an understatement, 14 year olds have reacted more conservatively to One Direction appearances.

I couldn't snap many pictures as security had a pretty tight hold on the set, but the place has been used as the route to Pyke before, as well as a through-road to The North, so we'll have to wait and see what it's the backdrop for this time! We did find a pre-charred log fire ready for a classic 'intense-discussion-around-dying-flames-scene'. I don't think we looked anyway near as grubby to be considered citizens of Westeros, however.

The sun dropped behind the horizon as we climbed back up the cliff, and we moved away from thoughts of Robb Stark despite a tactical discussion as to how we could sneak in as extras the following day. The sea reflected the sky's peachy hue as the landscape softened into pastel tones.

Sore feet and lungs full of fresh air, we all but fell into bed that night. A soft silence made of thick cottage walls and wide country fields lulled me into the best sleep I've had in months.

It was a good job too, as I definitely needed it for the next day.

Look out for Part Two in a few days time...


  1. The views are breath taking!


    1. I know, nothing compares to seeing it in real life. Such rugged beauty! x

  2. Looks like a great trip! I hear really lovely things about Ireland, but I've not been myself. Also, how exciting is it to come across the filming!?

    1. I had never been before either, and it helped a lot being around locals who knew all the secret spots! So unprepared for coming across the filming - I felt like a kid again! Can't wait to watch the next series so I can match up the sets! x


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