Covet // Autumn Fashion

As you may have seen from previous posts (lots of muddy boots, woodland walks and an overall love of autumn, yes I'm another one of those!), I've well and truly caught the autumn bug. It's a 'shedding leaves' time of year, and as much as I love sipping Pimms from underneath a wide-brimmed straw hat, this season is always the best for clothes. As a general rule, if it's forest coloured, I'll have it, but alas when picking an outfit one has to be a little more co-ordinated than that.

Moving to London hasn't exactly left me with overflowing pockets so I'll take my fashion fix from a good scroll through online shops. Here's my 'wishlist' for autumn, minus the pygmy hedgehog I so dearly wish I had (from left to right).

1. Cocoon skirt in colour 'aubergine' - NEXT - £38

2. Patent satchel in colour 'oxblood' - Dorothy Perkins - £18

3. Sights to Season Dress - Modcloth - £58.83

4. Nouveau Friends top in cream lace - Modcloth - £27.86

5. Tea on the Train heels - Modcloth - £37.15

6. Outfox the Eye Scarf - Modcloth - £30.96

7. Dr. Marten's Pascal Boot in colour 'shiraz' - Dr. Marten - £100

Which stops do you think have nailed autumn trends this season? Let me know below!


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