A Month in Pins // October

Here's a selection of the pins that caught my eye in October. Enjoy!

1. These dew-covered spider webs make a beautiful picture, catching the spirit of October. They remind me of the intricate web recently spun outside our bathroom window. I got told off for feeding its giant occupant crane flies...
2. Chicken shawarma. How have we just met? I made these for a lebanese themed dinner recently.
3. This chubby cat made me chuckle. I love cats so very, very much.
4. A life mantra.
5. An owl-y pumpkin was my inspiration this Halloween. See how I did here.
6. October saw the last of the Bake Off Challenge, with me and my grill becoming far more acquainted during the baking of a Schichttorte.
7. This abandoned church popped up on my feed, which to my surprise is located in Norfolk! I'm feeling an expedition...
8. Any piece of clothing that harkens back to Victoriana is a winner in my books.
9. Journal inspiration for revamping my scrapbook.

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November snuck up on us this year, didn't it? No doubt the festive pins will be coming in thick and fast soon...


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