Covet // Autumn Favourites

As the nights creep in around us and the need to keep warm things near intensifies (my warm things change between incessant cups of hot tea and forcing cats to sleep on me against their will), I thought it was time to do an Autumn Favourites round up.

I had originally planned a series of thought provoking and interesting posts for the next few days, with beautiful photography and carefully selected words, however my laptop had the technology equivalent of a toddler-meltdown-in-the-cereal-aisle and all my dreams were dashed in a puddle of broken html codes and screaming into pillows.

So instead, here is a list of things that I loved over autumn, in all their understated and commiserated glory.

1. When the wind picks up my Barbour coat gets put on and doesn't come off until approx. March. You near enough strap yourself into this jacket and its pockets are very roomy, the design of which was most probably inspired by country pursuits and the idea of chestnut scavenging, however mine currently houses a melting lip balm and year old receipts. Each to their own.

2. My Bertie boots have had so much wear this autumn that they're in desperate need of a trip to the cobblers. I hiked around the Antrim Coast, have wandered up and down the Southbank and across the dunes in Norfolk with them firmly attached to my feet. They're troopers of the shoe world.

3. H&M seem to have gone for 'all the shinies' in their latest collection of necklaces. I picked up a couple to make work clothes seem less 'worky' and their price won't make you weep at the cash desk either.

4. Nakd bars are just the best. They're full of fruit and nuts and actually stop your hunger at that awkward 3:30pm stage of the day. They're also reallllly really tasty. 10 happy bellies out of 10.

5. I've been trialling a 'no caffeine' diet recently, so where once cappuccino was my chief comrade, mango and cinnamon tea has overtaken as my drink of choice. It's sweet with a tang of wintery spice that always tastes so much better this time of year.

6. Oh Comely magazine, how have I only just discovered you! It's a beautiful publication with gorgeous photographs and an unpretentious philosophy that celebrates intelligent women in all their different forms. Excellent material for a lazy morning in bed.

7. This Me Me Me Cherub's Blush cheek and lip tint came to me in a YouDiscovery Box, and I was well impressed with the size of this product, which is bound to last forever (or near enough). It's a lovely burgundy-red shade that stays on your lips and gives a subtle flush of colour without you having to unstick your hair from it on windy days. A great little addition for the reluctant beauty buyer.

What have you been loving this autumn? It seems like seconds ago we were willing it's arrival and now it's been and gone in a flash!



  1. every time i come on your blog i literally admire your blog header for so long haha! its so cute! i love nakd bars, im allergic to gluten so they are the perfect snack! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/11/uk-blog-awards-and-london-dolls-giveaway.html xx

    1. Thank you!
      There is that worry that although Nakd bars are SO good, I'll end up eating five times the amount so all possible health benefits disappear through over-indulgence!

  2. Love your boots! Your blog is very pretty!

  3. Nakd bars are just the best, think I've told you before how much I love the rhubarb and custard ones...now on the lookout for the cherry bakewell variety! Sticky lip gloss is the absolute bane of my life in this weather, never though about trying a tint! Hope you've had a fab weekend!

    Heather x


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