Worn // Downton Abbey Inspired New Years Eve Outfit

Writing from the other side of Christmas, it suddenly struck me that the holiday season is not quite over yet! Just as the quality of TV seems to get a little worse and I think I've drank enough snowballs to last a lifetime, New Years Eve rolls around and the frivolities start again!

I'm not often one for outfit posts, as living in a cabin on the outskirts of London hardly lends itself to frequent shopping sprees on Chelsea's Kings Road (one can dream), but alas, the festive period does call for a little more sparkle than usual, so I took to the shops and believe I have found the PERFECT outfit for NYE.

In fact, I have pretty much lived in this playsuit all holiday. I'm talking Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and soon to be New Years Eve! As a newly instigated London dweller, I headed to Oxford Street to find a Christmas outfit, which I soon found was a completely taboo statement for all those I told beforehand. I was scoffed at for the idea. Oxford Street?! Before Christmas?! Are you mad?! But my 14 year old self only saw a three story Topshop and man oh man I couldn't shift the thought.

Well, it didn't disappoint! If you're on a mission and you know what you want, there's nowhere better to go. Their vintage and brand section downstairs near enough made me weak at the knees. There isn't just a section for capes, there's a section for fur capes, trimmed capes, sequin capes, velvet capes - you name it, there's a section for it.

I sifted through the sequinned dresses and came across this. I've never bought a playsuit before as I often find them either too tight across the chest or too baggy at the waist. This TFNC London playsuit fits like a dream and was a very reasonable £48. Thoughts on whether I have watched too much Downton Abbey recently are up for debate...

I can't find the playsuit online anymore (must be popular), but there is an identical jumpsuit version currently on in the sale at TFNC here.


The detailing on this playsuit is absolutely divine. The beading is really heavy and the sequins are individually sewn on. It sits across the shoulders like a cape and has a real 20's feel to it. If you're not a fan of sleeves but like a bit of coverage then it's the perfect thing to wear. Class and sophistication aside, it also feels just as comfortable after a giant Christmas dinner, which as we all know, is a question you must ask yourself when selecting clothes during the festive period.

I fished out a cloche hat to truly push it to Downton levels (similar can be found here), as well as battling the frost with my all time favourite Darling coat.

What's been your favourite festive outfit of late? I'd love to know!

See you in two days when I'll be doing a Year in Pictures post to see out 2014!

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