Pinned // Feelin' Festive

All these pins can be found on my 'Christmas' Pinterest board here.

1. Icy trees and glassy lakes
2. Mischievous cat eyeing up the tree
3. Mini gingerbread houses
4. Gingerbread men as edible gift tags
5. Elm Hill, Norwich in the show
6. Floo powder bauble
7. Misty Cathedral
8. Father Christmas hat brownie bites
9. My future cottage *cough* in the snow

Like any commuter with an iPhone and too much time on their hands, I've spent my train journeys blissfully scrolling through Pinterest, where life is generally much more simple and constantly full of whimsy.

I've collated some of my favourite pins here to get the blogging ball rolling again, and by George if a cat surrounded my tinsel doesn't do it for you then I don't know what will! 

These images represent what Christmas means to me; icy grass, cheeky cats, home bakes involving too much cinnamon, expensive wrapping paper salvaged for future craft projects, pastel coloured houses with heavy boughs and tiny front doors, marathon viewings of Harry Potter, misty roads, 'mini' versions of every food type, coveting village door steps, prickly wreaths and lots of twinkling lights.

What is Christmas to you? Leave me a little list, I'd love to see!

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