'Snug' is Officially Open for Business!

Well hello there, let's get acquainted again!

This post has been a looooooong time coming and thankfully you lot are still here so we can get cracking!

Hopefully you saw my last post explaining how The Fox and Furrow was soon to undergo a transformation into a big girl blog! Soon didn't actually turn out to be that soon, as of course life decided to kick things up a notch or two right about the time I wanted to change everything over. All of a sudden I find myself in Norwich with a free afternoon and a three week gap in my blogging memory to fill.

So, today is the very belated grand opening of 'Snug'! Oh, how I thought it would be an easy transition! Apparently working late at an unpaid internship whilst desperately trying to find a job and commuting back and forth to London isn't the ideal time to set up a new blog domain, design, and social media accounts. If you're one of my lovely readers from Bloglovin', the blog name should be changing soon and you don't have to do a thing, so that's great news!

I'm not going to lie, keeping my blog updated with four posts a week started to become a real struggle. Since I've been working I have about an hour free in the evening, which is usually spent crawling into bed and watching Netflix. Oh, London how glamorous you are!

I love this little space on the internet, and feel as though I'm not using it in the best way I could. My thinking is, if Doctor Who can regenerate, so can I!

What can you expect?
- More posts that have a good pinch of opinion and a smattering of current affairs - don't be scared off, it'll be good I promise!
- Lots of lovely lifestyle - I can't keep away!
- Writing, writing and more writing, whether that's creative, articles or everyday things from life.

I'll be posting twice a week (days to be decided soon!) and feel this will be a better, healthier and much more fun way to run 'Snug', don't you agree?

I couldn't bare to leave this space unloved for much longer - Christmas is coming after all and I don't think the blogging world would ever forgive me!

I'm so glad you're here to join me on this journey, there's lots to look forward to!

In the next month you'll see:

- LIFE: My Masters Graduation in Lovely Canterbury
- CRAFTS: Homemade Scented Soy Wax Candles
- BOOKS: 'Not That Kind of Girl' by Lena Dunham
- THOUGHTS: Feminist Friday - (Oh yes, I'm going there!)
- CULTURE: The Lit Hit - (A monthly 'periodical' covering history's most kick-ass writers)

How exciting!

Don't worry, I've been keeping up with all your blogs during snatched minutes at my desk, if silently! Well, minus the odd 'like' of all your beautifully festive Instagram posts!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and am SO happy you're here to join me for the most wonderful time of year!



  1. Good luck! I absolutely love your blog and can't wait to read some new content x

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to get cracking again - I've missed it! x

  2. Yay!! I'm so excited for this! Can't wait to follow along xo Carly

    1. Yay me too! Can't wait to get cracking again and flex my writing muscles!


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