Life // A Word to Underpin 2015

If I could sum up 2014 in a word it would be 'culmination'.

I finished my MA after four years of growing and cultivating my teenage love of period dramas. As a young'un, I poured over eighteenth century texts, went weak at the knees at the sight of embossed book bindings and wore more lace than any girl on the cusp of adulthood ever should.

In 2014, I packaged my knowledge and passion into the far more socially acceptable form: a neatly bound MA dissertation, and with that my university career was done. I left the cosy, comfortable, cobbled world of Canterbury and my experiences culminated in the very appropriate wearing of robes in the arched cloisters of a thousand year old cathedral.

To sum it all up, I had been happily climbing up a smart, shiny ladder called 'education' and eventually reached the top, where I found lots more ladders of various heights leading up to God know's where, so 2014 closed with my standing at the bottom, gazing up at them all whilst scratching my head and thinking 'Hmmm, wonder where this one leads...'

It's Adulthood, people, and it's pretty intimidating.

Alas, as much I'd love to make a little nest and squirrel away my time reading and occasionally getting up to make some tea, this year is the time to develop. To take my collective experiences and channel them into building a future that I'm happy and satisfied in. There is no time like the present!

I loved the posts of Private Life of a Girl and Daydreams of Summertime, which came up with a word to rather than resolution to underpin the future year.

Mine is 'develop'.

What's yours?

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