See You on the Other Side of Poland // Free Writing

I'm rushed, it's frantic, this page looks bare, I'm hungry, I'm hot, trying to type whilst the cat grumbles on my lap. She's a delicate one, a staunchly independent one. I know she's not lonely because she left fleas in our bed who in turn left love bites up and down my stomach. I've worked from home today, I read from home today, I had one too many cups of tea in bed today. I over-organised then under-organised from the stress, crossed things off a list just to write them down again. I forgot my zloty, I walked all the way to get my zloty, when I got to my zloty they wouldn't give me the zloty. 'It's not the right address, when did you move from Norfolk?' 'About five months ago but I never moved my heart from there.' I thought to myself... 
She gave them to me anyway so it couldn't have been protocol. The cat's grumped up and moved away, onto a corner of the glassy table heated by the radiator. The constant search for warmth. The constant search of my life. Comfy. Cosy, Warm. So naturally I'm flying EasyJet. Then I'll find myself in Poland, which may be comfy and cosy but most certainly isn't warm. I hear that vodka ticks that last one off, so we'll have to wait and see. I'll pack mittens. Bugger, I haven't packed. The cat's mewing. She wants some food. Well I want food too so you'll have to wait! Trip over a cushion. Curse the cushion, Put cushion on bed. Bed has no sheets. Friend can't stay over with no sheets! Where are the sheets? Washing machine. Of course. Musn't forget holidays are for fun and relaxing! Fun and relaxing!! Fun. And. Relaxing.




{My old lecturer called this 'free writing'. I would call it 'channeling a lot into a little and then sending it off out of your brain space into the internet space so as to free up said brain space'. Or something like that...}

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