English Snow Is All Too Brief

Just as I was coming out of blogging hibernation (more on that later in the week), and the daffodils looked like they miiiiiight just bloom early, I awoke to find that winter had barged its way back into the world and had left a trail of white behind.

I'll be honest, I had a grim sleep last night. The kind of sleep that doesn't feel like sleep at all but short periods of semi-consciousness interspersed with an elbow in the head and a face smooshed against the wall, courtesy of the restless chap next to me.

The light filtered through the curtains a little brighter than usual and I went from a grumpy, sleepy brown bear to a bright eyed, bushy tailed squirrel in the space of approx. 2.4 seconds. It seems odd to go on and on about snow, but there really is something special about it. Not just any snow, but English snow.

Cider With Rosie said in a vlog recently that it's a very British thing to will on the next season, and I have to agree. As soon as the door wreaths go up in the attic after Christmas we're willing spring to come along, with it's promise of mild days, colourful blooms and pastel skirts. The seasons are regular, our routines can be annoyingly regular and our habits just as much so, but when snow comes along, we as a nation are shaken up for a brief moment. The view is different, that ugly 70's office block now looks like a crystallised sugar cube, our 'proper' boots come out (fool you if they're suede), we notice different paw prints in the snow, we often have to walk instead of cram onto a train, and I think we're all better for it.

Now, I'm talking the two inches we got overnight, I know you North Americans will be rolling your eyes at that! No, it doesn't stick around for long, so we tend to make the most of it!

It's been a good few years since we've had any real snow here. I remember the December of 2010 *sinks back into chair whilst puffing on a pipe* when we had snow that stayed for weeks, weeks I tell you! Stranger things have happened.

The stars have well and truly aligned for today, as I started working from home this week so had no reason not to grab the dog (well, she grabbed me more like) and head over to Richmond Park with my camera in tow. I was hoping to spot some auburn fur and antlers sticking out between the trees, but it wasn't meant to be! Finding the stags of Richmond Park
is a bit like chasing shadows - you can't predict where the weather will make them go!

Maddie was very patient with me, as I stopped dozens of time to snap pictures of the snow as it began melting before my eyes. With most of my time spent behind a computer, the calm that the snow brought on really helped center the rest of my day. Well, that is after I ducked and dived around a very intense snowball match being undertaken by two groups of rival builders. Snow brings the child out in everyone.

Did you get out in the snow today? Or did you have any at all? England is a funny place, you never know where it'll land.

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