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Sometimes technology gets a bit too much. Sure; it's great for counting down the exact minutes you have left to throw clothes on before dashing outside to catch the bus; it's great for binge watching 'Pretty Little Liars' on a Tuesday evening; it's great for trying and then failing at Pinterest hairstyles, but sometimes there is such a thing as overstimulation. There's also such a thing as getting a nervous twitch from too much screen time. We've all been there!

Perhaps it's just me (a worrying amount of my sentences seem to start like this), but some days my technology use snowballs and I can't seem to sit still for thirty seconds without checking my phone's home screen or refreshing Instagram.

It's not healthy and I certainly don't want to make a habit of it! Like any individual with a childlike constitution, the struggle of overstimulation is real. As a result, here are 5 ways to ground yourself against it.

Read a Physical Book

I love my e-reader. For someone who doesn't have piles of cash to fling at beautiful hardbound books (internally sobs), I can't resist a heavily discounted digital bestseller. However, flicking through pages and pages of LED literature before bed often has an anti-sedentary effect. There's nothing that a flick through the largest Harry Potter tome can't fix - just don't fall asleep holding it above your head - you'll have a sore nose!

Take a Shower by Candlelight

This works for baths too, of course, but I don't have one so a shower works for me! Place some tealights around the bathroom and have a nice hot shower before bed - no electric lights needed! I started this up quite recently and it makes me feel beyond chilled by the time I step out into bed.

Use a Notebook

For notes, your diary, blog post ideas - anything! Positives: you have a record of all your thoughts and ideas, which won't be prone to disappearance through computer crashes. You have the excuse to buy pretty stationary. Scribbling in a notebook no doubt makes one look sophisticated yet opulently pensive. Negatives: lots of notebooks make handbags very heavy! Not constantly scrolling through your phone to look up meeting times is the ultimate win, however.

'Listen In'

Everyone has experienced the 'bubble' - those times when you're in a packed train, feeling rather uncomfortable with the proximity of your face to someone's armpit. Headphones and angry girl music can seem like the obvious form of escapism. However, get into a habit of it and you're left feeling quite detached from the world. I use the phrase 'listen in' rather than 'eavesdrop' because there's very little that's malicious about it.

I was once in stitches on the train listening to two little boys try to make each other laugh by saying the rudest thing they knew (it was 'toilet head'). I also overheard the most wonderful conversation a very sharp suited businessman had with his 'Mummy', who's 'shepherd's pie would be just the thing to cheer him up' after a rough day at work. It's a sense of communion with strangers you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Take a Moment to 'Sponge'

Sponging - v. Absorbing the finer details of all that is around you. Imprinting a moment onto the mind's eye.

Take a slow walk to work and listen to birds chirping their 'good mornings'. Look at the blossom. I mean really look at it. Smile at strangers. Watch daffodils open themselves towards the sun. Walk on the sunny side of the road. Wear fancy shoes for an un-fancy activity. Today is a red lipstick day. Notice an elderly lady's impeccable makeup. Spot a fluffy tail darting between the hedgerow. Run your hand over the velvety moss that covers dead tree trunks. Take a deep breath and indulge simplicity.

How do you switch off?

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