Life Lately // Mid-March

Listening to the birds that circle the cabin each morning singing their hearts out. So easy to get romantic about but we all know they're just having a big ol' flirt with each other.
Wishing that I had money enough to visit my friends every week. Why do you all have to stretch the span of Europe?!
Watching Fortitude. Last episode was so gory I couldn't stop gagging. Vom.
Reading 'The Letter' by Kathryn Hughes. V. Good - expect a review soon!
Buying the contents of the local Korean supermarket. Char sui buns, lotus root - mmm!
Eating Camenbert. My fleeting trip to Paris saw me fill my rucksack with cheese in the Eurostar terminal. Perhaps a bad decision. There is such a thing as a cheese coma.
Drinking Lots of coffee. 
Considering How much running I need to do to counteract all the cheese I just ate.
Cooking Smoked cod chowder. So tasty and full of flavour - and only takes up one pot!
Wondering How cats have it so good. Mine hasn't moved since last night - she takes cat naps to a new extreme.
Stressing about life decisions prematurely. I have a habit of worrying about things that won't happen for another 2-5 years...
Feeling very content and cosy after a week full of birthday cheer and chats from home.
Looking like I'm stuck in winter - I have yet to transfer over dark clothes for the lighter garb of spring!
Wanting to have access to a teleport machine. I'll be in London weekdays, pop back to Norfolk for dinner once or twice a week, have breakfast in Bristol, coffee in Paris, siesta in Malaga, supper in Poland and dancing in Leeds.
Wearing high-waisted grey jeans, a white shirt and a cosy jumper. With a big necklace of course! 
Loving *cringe* the lovely people in my life. My brother, parents, boyfriend, friends. Feeling full to the brim with gushy appreciation!
Thinking about where I want to be in five years. Exciting times.
Waiting for a few more degrees in warmth!
Needing A nice big work space to make candles, play with my new sewing machine and craft to my heart's content.
Deciding which show to see next in London. Any suggestions?
Admiring the beauty of spring blooms, both bright daffodils and the simplicity of budding trees.

What has your week been like? I hope you're all having a glorious weekend!

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