Afternoon Tea at Biddy's Tearoom

Myself, my brother and his lovely girlfriend headed over to Biddy's Tearoom when I was in Norwich last week for their locally renowned afternoon tea. I'd love to say it was initially the thought of tea that drew us there, but to be honest there are only a certain amount of times that you can walk past a taxidermy fox wearing a top hat and cumberbund before you simply have to go in.

When I lived in Norwich on a more permanent basis myself and my Mum used to nip in ALL the time. That was three years ago and since then the little tearoom has boomed in popularity. Great for them, not so great for us and our spontaneous need for tea and finger sandwiches! 

Biddy's is located in my favourite part of Norwich - the Norwich Lanes. Think quirky little independent shops, amazing food from teeny tiny delis, buskers that are actually good, an ancient Church housing a permanent antiques market and the best of Norwich's colourful characters roaming the lanes in between. I'll be popping back in summer when the annual Norwich Lanes Festival takes place. I'll have all the street food please!

Biddy's is part tearoom and unofficially part shop of curiosities. There's quirky taxidermy donning monocles and capes nestled between vintage tea cups and a penny farthing. Salted caramel brownies displayed next to a beautifully shiny antique typewriter. It's a feast for the eyes as well as the belly.

You can walk into the little downstairs seating area for a cup of tea or coffee, but you'll be lucky to get a seat - but oh, they are seats worth waiting for. Think winged armchairs that your Grandpa used to snooze in (and that I have nearly snoozed in on a number of occasions). They also have some beautiful wedding cakes on display that would make the most unromantic of visitors swoon a little. Pinterest would be ALL over their bakes!

Biddy's provides the most reasonable Afternoon Tea I've ever come across. It's £9.95 per person for a pot of tea (which you can have refilled at your whim), three finger sandwiches and a huge slab of cake - all presented on a beautiful antique cake stand. I mean, how good is that?! 

Our party happened to be particular fusspots and wanted three different types of tea. Yes, our table was crowded but our waitress was lovely and we were soon chatting over the swirling steam of three generously filled teapots. Their tea menu is pretty incredible - it was like flicking through a fancy restaurant wine list except this time I actually knew what the words meant. The sandwiches were also pretty bloomin' good - I had fig, goats cheese and almond sandwiches and they were divine. If there's anything with fig on the menu I'm guaranteed to choose it, so this was a match made in heaven. 

On a side note, the waitresses have the most gorgeous aprons on and my fingers were soon itching to get behind the sewing machine in a desperate attempt to recreate them at home.

If you'd like to visit Biddy's I would recommend booking in advance, as they do get mighty busy!

After visiting here I'd love to get along to their Aylsham branch, which if their Instagram is anything to go by appears just as kitsch and quirky!

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