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Happy Easter Monday to you all! I had near on forgotten how much I love the Easter break! In fact, the past four years of my life have seen Easter smushed somewhere between essay writing and exam revision, so I haven't known a 'proper' Easter in quite a while! Throwback to Easter 2013 when I ate the worst chicken fajita wrap of my life, alone in the library, whilst on Skype to my family happily tucking into a lamb roast. Queue the playing of tiny violins...

This year sees me in a job (playing at being an adult no less!) that allows me uninhibited holiday during all the major festive periods. Yipee! Of course, I hopped on a train back to the homeland and have now spent a week in my favourite place - the kettle has been on almost constantly and I have done so much chatting with the Norfolk clan that I do believe I'll be hoarse for a week!

The beginning of Spring is so symbolic and I definitely felt myself budding after a joyful period spent immersing myself in my favourite Norfolk pursuits. After decorating the Easter tree and nibbling on hot cross buns we tucked into a fancy Easter lunch (two meats no less!) followed, rather bizarrely, with a Christmas pudding (which Mum claims is traditional...) Actual Easter Sunday saw me tipped into the car at silly o'clock in the morning to accompany my Dad trout fishing. I was lured by the promise of a wood burner and tea making facilities - I shan't lie. Little did I know how beautiful the day turned out to be!

Living in London it's easy to forget what true silence sounds like. Cars break silence. Televisions break silence. Screeching trains break silence. But for some reason chirping birds and crackling logs don't. Natural sounds, I think you'd classify them as. Perhaps silence is better termed 'the resonation of calm'. It isn't so much a noise as an encouragement to absorb your surroundings.

I do believe this constitutes 'Snug' in a picture...!

Past numerous farms and too many fields to count, I happily lit a fire in the lake's cabin (a different cabin no less!) and warmed my toes in front of it to fight the early morning chill. I felt like a little old lady, wrapped in too many blankets with a book in front of me, absently chatting to my lovely Mum as the sun burnt off the dew outside.

No, not mini eggs! (I've had enough of those) Coot eggs, if you didn't know. (I didn't)

Well look who caught the biggest fish of the day! A very handsome rainbow trout that I managed to hook and that we all proceeded to eat for our supper. Dad revelled in the 'hunter/gatherer' role, I could tell. I let him do the bopping-on-the-head part... Hypocrite, I know.

How did you spend your Easter day?

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