Five Happy Things // 11

1 // Other people's birthdays. I love birthdays generally (especially my own!) but there's nothing like gathering little things for another person - little things that represent all their unique interests. If you've been following me on Instagram you'd have seen that I woke my chappie up with pancakes, birthday sausage rolls and a trip up to the Sky Garden. Food and architecture are the way to his heart!

2 // Getting crafty. With the arrival of a beautiful lilac sewing machine and a diligent friend collecting jam jars from her cafe, I knew it was time to transform the cabin into a (somewhat amateur-ey!) workshop at the earliest opportunity. Alas, Sunday brought rains-a-plenty and I covered near enough every surface with wax and wick cuttings whilst simultaneously fumigating the cabin with an overbearing scent of bergamot. I promise the candles are a little more sensitive on the ol' senses after the making process!

3 // Discovering green fingers. Since having access to a garden once again I've been itching to flex my botanical muscles. These cute little sweet pea shoots are growing so quickly I can almost see their leaves uncurling in front of the sun each morning. Daffodils, hyacinths and narcissus' have also found new homes underneath our cabin windows!

4 // Muma chats. I am a total homing pigeon. Whichever city I'm living in I always find my way back to Norfolk at least once a month. Alas, that is where I am now and boy does my heart feel glad. The past two days has been spent chatting, drinking tea, shopping, cooking, chatting, watching Dance Moms, and more chatting with my Muma. I am so very lucky to have such a wise, hilarious and lovely Mum. She also has a very fashionable eye which leads me onto my next point...

5 // Shopping. No, not a regular feature for me! I love browsing shops but very rarely have the luxury to buy things on a whim - let alone whole outfits at a time! With my Mum acting as a serious clothes enabler, I left H&M with a rather large bag full of colourful, floaty frocks, skirts and trousers. Now I'm demanding the sun come out (no more teasing please!) so I can shimmy into work feeling all bright and fresh!

What happy things have really stuck out for you recently?

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