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Happy Hump Day!

Let's have a quick knees up shall we? I feel like I have been a domestic extraordinaire this evening, having done two loads of laundry, baked a loaf of bread, tackled the hoovering and dusting, changed the bed sheets and made a Mary Berry fish pie (currently in the oven) since coming home from work. This makes a change from coming in, having a cup of tea in front of Netflix and absent-mindedly nibbling leftover Easter chocolate until the room is truly dark enough to incite a deep sense of shame... Onwards and upwards!

Listening // To Roo Panes. Like if your subconscious had a male voice and it's main aim was to soothe your every woe.
Wishing // That the forecast changes before Saturday morning. New Forest - please don't be soggy!
Reading // The Island by Aldous Huxley. Utopian island meets philosophy lesson.
Buying // Sugar Crush body scrub, because I do want to smell like I've been dunked in Haribo.
Eating // Quinoa. I'm late on the hipster band waggon but you can seriously have it with anything.
Drinking // Coffee & Water.
Considering // When it'll actually be sandal weather. My toes need to breathe!
Cooking // Fish pie / bread for the arm workout.
Wondering // Whether the mouse our cat brought it is still in the cabin or whether it's died somewhere I can't see...
Stressing // Not really. Rolling with the punches, as they say.
Feeling // A sort of sleepy contentment.
Looking // At AirBNB and bookmarking potential holiday locations. Hello sun...
Wanting // To have a superpower that smushes two locations together. Norwich + London = my dream place.
Wearing // Lots of bright, colourful patterns and cardigans. Happy clothes, happy mind!
Loving // Mimicking the accents from Mr. Selfridge with my chap whilst we get ready for work. He does a great Harry and I've got Aggie down to a tee!
Thinking // About whether I would survive on Bear Grylls' 'The Island'. Currently it's a resounding NO.
Waiting // For my fish pie to be ready. Hungry!
Needing // Double the amount of weekends.
Deciding // What to see at the Norfolk and Norwich festival. I love seeing my little hometown get so cultured!
Admiring // The bluebells on Wimbledon Common. The woods is a sea of blue!

What's been going on in your life of late? Let me know in the comments!

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