My Top 9 Netflix Picks for Lazy Nights In

When the powers that be invented Netflix, poor students morbidly afraid of the TV license bailiffs smiled across the country. Alas, I was one such student! One year after university and the ceremonious deactivating of my housemates profiles later, I'm still an avid user. 1. They quietly encourage binge-watching tv shows. 2. The cabin is too small for a TV so Laptop Club takes place between 9-11pm every night.

For me, true bliss takes place when I go home to Norwich, fill up a bath, plop in a Lush bath bomb and carefully perch my Kindle Fire on the laundry basket so I can watch Pretty Little Liars behind a veil of dense bubbles. That, my friends, is the life.

The seasoned Netflix addict that I am now, I feel the need to share with you my ultimate Netflix picks for those lazy nights in when the Aldi prosecco is becoming but you don't want to leave your house. Fill up a glass, get the popcorn from the microwave and prepare to slub out!

TV Shows

Have you experienced the '15 seconds to decide whether I'm doing anything productive today' dilemma? We've all been there. This is a zone of non-judgement! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a new discovery and it had me curling up with laughter. Kimmy has just been released after 15 years spent in an underground bunker, where a crazed pastor convinced her the apocalypse had happened on Earth. Lots of pop culture references and black comedy at it's best. What more can you expect when Tina Fey is behind the camera?!

Pretty Little Liars is an oh-so-guilty obsession of mine. I did a happy dance when I discovered Netflix was uploading them weekly in time with America. Thank God the UK is catching up! It's a classic American teen drama - four girls are plagued by taunting messages from someone named only as 'A', and 'A' seems to know far too much about their private lives. With their best friend murdered just a year before, 'A's threats become... let's just say a little homicidal! Prepare to scream at your laptop when a girl gets into yet another near death situation. There are 5 series so.... have fun with that!

Oh Mr. Selfridge, you sassy yank, you! I love Selfridge's department store. I also love period dramas. So it's no surprise I love this show! The characters are wonderful - I harbour a secret love for Mr. Crabbe. Who knew that the birth of a department store could inspire so many scandals?! Like Downton, I love mapping the fashion changes of this period - it's a wonderfully indulgent watch.


What happens when a stupidly rich family start building an American replica of Versailles only to become bankrupt half way through the building process? This documentary charts just that. Originally intended to follow the family's gargantuan building project, The Queen of Versailles ends up making a poignant study of wealth and happiness and how the two aren't always intrinsically tied.

I'm not a huge fan of Katy Perry. I'm not not a fan either. I like listening to 'Roar' when I'm feeling particularly weedy on a run but beyond that I admire her crazy stage costumes from afar. However, after watching this whilst working on a fancy dress costume at university, I have a new found respect for the woman. This documentary charts her gradual and often painful rise to stardom and takes an in-depth look into what it really takes to put on a world tour. It ain't all candy canes and cupcakes, as Katy (I feel like we're on first name terms now) struggles with her divorce and stamina in front of stadium shows every night. It's a really, really interesting watch!

If you didn't class yourself as a feminist before, you will after watching Miss Representation. Everyone has heard of how the media perpetuates negative female body image, but I didn't appreciate how ingrained it is in our culture until after watching this documentary. There are so many issues covered in the film, from unequal pay to the lack of women in positions of leadership, that it made me want to rage into a giant squid of anger. Listen, absorb, then fight against misogyny!


If you feel your bank of 90's movie quotes is running low, just watch Clueless and prepare to feel at once sassy and quietly judgey. Note: Don't actually make comments on your friend's 'dank' skirt in public. The fact that it's an (amazing) adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Emma' only furthers my argument. Get your plaid on and scream 'EURGH, AS IF!'

Weirdly enough, nothing makes me want to travel half way around the world and spend most of it in a high rise hotel more than watching 'Lost in Translation'. It's been a firm favourite of mine for a long time, mainly because I love Bill Murray but also because I love the delicacy of the film and its beautiful cinematography. In fact, it was the first movie poster to don my dorm walls at university. I wonder what image I was trying to project?!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the poster movie for teens in the early 80's, so if you want to understand your Dad's obsession with rock power ballads then look no further. It has that amazing 'speaking to the camera' trend that we all recognise from Home Alone and makes you want to joy ride cars with your best buddies whilst being strangely complacent about safety. Those were the days!

What are your Netflix favourites? 

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