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I'm a Southerner at heart (or perhaps an East Anglian to be specific), but it can't be denied that the North has a lot of charm. Where, indeed, the North is located is largely up for dispute amongst the British population. Those south of London will say it's anywhere north of the M25. Norfolkians will declare it's anywhere above Peterborough, which would downright offend the people of Leicester and confuse those who think The North is reserved entirely for the Kingdom of Westeros. Either way, the North is where I found myself this weekend!

I thought it was high time I spent a few days with my oldest chum Cati, who you met back in October when we explored the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland together (and got very nerdy over Game of Thrones sets). She currently lives in Leeds and I luckily had some train points saved up, so me and my chappie got a very swanky first class train up the East Coast to the city of dark stone and redeveloped Victorian factories.

Do you ever start running to hug your friend in a train station and then realise three steps in how unfit you are? Yep that was me...

Friday was an absolute scorcher, especially for Northern standards! This time last year we were pushed along Ilkley Moor by a whipped up snow storm and yet this weekend I entered an alternate universe where drinking cider and getting sunburn atop a roof terrace was normal.

This handsome chap regally sat in front of a jewellery store, attempting to look like a big burly bouncer, but he couldn't fool us with those floppy feet and soft eyes!

Of course, I couldn't resist a trip back to my homeland! (courtesy of a giant map of Great Britain covering the ground outside Leeds City Hall).

Luckily for me, but unluckily for you I didn't take my big girl camera into Fab Cafe on Friday night. Let's just say the night started with lots of rum and finished with a giant box of cheesy chips. There was also mad ballroom-style dancing, the most glorious face painting station (yes, inside a club!) and a very staggered walk home!

The beautiful little lady above was discovered on a brisk Saturday afternoon walk. The kind of walk that is sure to blow away the cobwebs, but also the kind of walk with the promise of a pub at the end. I'm not sure why but pony bottoms are just so cute. Look at that fluffy rump of loveliness! Well, lovely until you get close enough to receive a horseshoe shaped bruise on your thigh! Shetland's are curious little things but ever so grumpy. She came and said hello then went happily back to grazing, away from cooing girls and a clicking camera.

It was one of those weekends where you want to squeeze the faces of the people you're near because you feel so fondly for them. The conversations that occur between friends after the catching up is over are the ones that tie a perfect little knot around you both. The ones where in-jokes are made. The ones where you discuss how long humans would have electricity in the event of a zombie apocalypse. You know, the important stuff.

After spending a weekend with my oldest friend and my love I truly was a happy little bee. If a little bee with very sore feet from dancing...

Also, on a side note, you Northerners are a friendly bunch. I had two conversations with strangers on the train. Two! London, take note!

Did you get up to anything nice this weekend?

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