Five Happy Things // 12

1 // Seeing Spring Sprung. In the past month I've seen hedgerows grow thick with greenery, my running shoes get muddier and muddier and the woods grow a splendid carpet of lilac coloured bluebells. Walking has forced me to peel my fingers away from reading the Metro on the way to work and now my commute is filled with birdsong, the windy trees and frustrated Mum's furiously trying to get their kiddies to school on time. Much nicer, on the whole!

2 // Becoming the Queen of Multitasking. I experience what is known as the 'danger hour' upon getting home from work. This is the time where I can blitz housework, gardening, a run, a blog post, anything productive in short, or... the hour in which tea is drunk, kinder bars are eaten and Made in Chelsea is watched. Once I sit down there is no getting back up. Recently I've been trying to turn the 'danger hour' into the 'power hour' and as a result my evenings seem much more full.

3 // Books, Books and More Books. I work in education and May means exams. Exams once meant little sleep and a whole lot of post-it notes. Nowadays I have to be in the exam but I don't have to do the exam - result! I simply have to be a body in the room, but fortunately... a body who's allowed to read! I am loving getting some proper reading mileage down. Expect an 'On My Bookshelf' post soon..!

4 // Getting Green Fingers. I have been digging, planting, seeding and watering like a madwoman. Now I have a lovely bike with a lovely, big basket on the front I can often be seen struggling up the hill home from work, green tendrils spilling over it's wicker sides. I don't think there's a feeling quite like seeing something sprouting and blooming from a seed you've planted yourself. Well, I imagine having a baby is a rather large step up from that...

5 // Cycling. If you've been over on my Instagram you'll have seen my new treasure. Well, it's a 'new/old' treasure. A couple of weeks ago I brought down a beautiful old Pashley bike from Norwich to London. She's an old girl who has recently been decked out with an absurd amount of reflectors, lights, locks and covers, such is the concern over her welfare (and secondarily, mine!). My little nanny rode her around and since she left us, I've been biking her around instead. It feels so special having that connection - I haven't even needed to raise the seat.

What have been your happy things of late?

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