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As much as my recent trip to the New Forest would suggest otherwise, Spring is full and properly sprung and boy has it been pretty. I'm not sure why but this year feels like the first time in a long time that I've properly moved with the seasons. At university I was on a constant stream of eat, sleep, library, repeat, so it's fair to say I'm loving life on the other side of education (even if I still work in education!) My wardrobe, bathroom, teeny tiny kitchen and garden seem a little brighter with the essence of spring, so I thought I'd share my favourites with you on Snug.

1 // Wide Print Trousers from H&M - £39.99
2 // Willow Picnic Basket from Amazon - £21.49
4 // Pride & Prejudice Tote Bag from Zazzle - £9.25
5 // Astrid Cups from Oliver Bonas - £5
7 // EcoTools Make Up Brushes from Feel Unique - £4-£16
8 // Sugar Crush Body Wash from Soap & Glory - £6.50

Priceless Favourites

The dappled morning sunshine that dances across curtains, the symphony of birdsong at the beginning and close of day, snatched searches for summer holiday destinations, the patience of the cat softly pawing my arm for breakfast, the morning chill that draws bedsheets tight around my neck, the slow cups of tea sat at the window, watching woodland bluebells unfurl their flowers, going running of an evening and having beetroot cheeks 'til bedtime, salad and baked chicken, leaving bread on the windowsill to cool, watching Netflix outside on a picnic blanket and tucking letters in my bag to post on the walk to work.

Bloggy Favourites

// Me & Orla
// Sunny Sweet Pea
// Muted Mornings
// Daydreams of Summertime
// The Salty Sea
// The Tea Drinking English Rose

What have been your favourite things about Spring - bought, experienced or otherwise?

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