Super Easy & Healthy Jewelled Spring Salad

I find salads a bit daunting. I have only very recently come around to the concept of salads being a viable dinner option and not just a side dish - it's something you have next to pizza, right?! As my workplace has very limited eating options I have branched out in terms of packed lunches. I'm telling you, under my sink it is tupperware heaven!

I don't know how 'clean' this meal is. I don't know how many of these food items are superfoods. All I know is that it tastes good, fills me up and gives me more energy than a cheese burrito does.

I've aptly named this a 'jewelled' spring salad because of the delicious little nuggets of pomegranate included. Also, it looks like a children's treasure chest and I'm ok with that.

I always go for convenience when it comes to midweek meals, so as much as I'd have loved to grow these bits myself, I let the local supermarket cover that one for me. I tried growing rocket on the windowsill not long back. It grew 3 inches then died. I can't go through that pain again.


Half an avocado
Plum tomatoes
Baby gem lettuce
Beetroot (or 'bead-rude' if you're from Norfolk)
Crispy bacon
Pomegranate seeds
Spring onions
Feta cheese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

It seems silly to write a method for this, so I'll sum it up in a sentence.

Rip/dice all the ingredients into bite-size chunks. Let's be fair, there are a fair amount of ingredients so I just go to town on the chopping board and whack it on a plate.

Ways to Save Time

// Buy pre-chopped veggies. I've had many a top ruined by an explosion of beetroot juice when trying to battle my way into vacuum packaging. Save your dignity and buy it pre-chopped.
// Cook quinoa up at the beginning of the week. I cook a big batch up on Sunday night and leave it in the fridge to use throughout the week - it keeps a treat.
// Balsamic and olive oil makes a tasty salad dressing without making your leaves go soggy. No one likes soggy leaves!

I'd love to take this to work in a big glass jar (at least Pinterest tells me so) but I am a clumsy lady and I can see a glass smashing related disaster, so plastic containers it is!

I am in Slovenia at the moment (expect some posts next week!) so am looking forward to catching up with lots of blog reading and comment writing when I'm back.

What's your favourite easy lunch meal? I'd love to add some more to my list!

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