Thoughts // What Will Your Legacy Be?

Like a lot of people, I'm prone to self-reflection. Am I in the right job? Should I have made more small talk with my boss this morning? Is it ok to have no plans at the weekend? Is it acceptable to eat half a jar of Nutella in one sitting? Life's greatest questions, I'm sure we all agree.

At the end of a week spent getting back into a routine after having a short break for a funeral, the big questions have been playing on my mind more than ever. After those that we love have left us, what do we remember about them? The way they smiled. The kind of advice they gave us when we were in a pickle. The 'tut' noises they made when a grandchild did something naughty. The way they treated others. How good their sausage rolls were.

It seems very normal and very human to reflect on what our greatest achievements are and hope we get remembered for those. Of course, I can't disagree with that, but it was particularities that I found myself so caught up with until very recently. Having a highly paid job, a big house, ridiculous copper fruit bowls, a designer pooch, a Facebook timeline to die for, thousands of Instagram followers. But when it comes down to it, right at the end, what matters? What legacy will you leave behind? In short, what impression did you make on people?

As a blogger and a real life human (I know, mad), I often feel conflicted as to how much time I spend seeking experiences for myself compared to those I seek because I feel they'd make good content. More and more I'm seeing the value of authenticity, not just in terms of blogging but for life generally. To pursue what makes you happy, to seek genuine experiences, to spend time with people you love and to meet new people who broaden your perspective and understanding about this wonderful place we all inhabit - that's what it really comes down to.

What was my conclusion? To make a positive impact - in whatever way I can. Whether that will be through something grand or a series of small instances I don't know, although I hope it's both. For so long at university and in the months after graduation I was overly caught up with the question 'But what will I do?! What will impress my classmates when we chat at awkward school reunions?' The answer is that it doesn't matter, not really. Wealth is a feature not of your purse but of your heart. I want to be wealthy, of course I do, but I'd like to share that wealth around and feel rich from the inside first. Positivity breeds happiness, and that, readers, is what I hope my legacy is.

What would you like your legacy to be?

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