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Sometimes you wake up, slide out of bed feeling totally refreshed, look at yourself in the mirror and notice you're having a great hair day, eat an egg for breakfast, get to work with no awkward delays, have time for a cup of tea and then glide through the day on a cloud of sassy optimism.

Sometimes you wake up, hit snooze three times, find out your favourite blouse is in the wash, have an intermittently cold and boiling hot shower, go to work with a garishly clashing sock and pumps combo, arrive late, drink bad coffee and have an army of petty frustrations that slowly works up to a burning headache in the base of your skull.

This post is meant for the latter. The temptation to come home after such a day and curl up under a blanket for the sole purpose of napping away the badness is strong - I've been there! However, there are a number of things I've found myself doing that seem far more positive than ranting at the nearest acquaintance I come across. Take a breath, close your eyes, then have a little look below.

Treat Yourself

As my Mum says, sometimes you need a bit of TLC. For some reason, when I've had a bad day at work I don't want to spend the time immediately afterwards around people - for my sake and for theirs. Make a 'fancy' coffee, as I call it (frothy milk is fancy, right?) and open up those sweet treats you were saving for a special occasion. Today, you are the special occasion. Sweet macaroons and a big cappuccino out in the garden makes my belly and my mind happy. No sharing necessary!

Get Outside

Unless you work outdoors anyway, get your shoes off and get outside. If you have a stressful job as a tree surgeon (surely someone reading does?!) a cafe might be in order for you. Basically, any place that's the opposite of your work environment. I'm a sucker for the woods, especially when I'm under the shade of big trees with dappled sun on my neck. Take big breaths and let the trees suck negativity from right out of your lungs.

Use Your Pets

...or borrow one. Animals don't know that your colleague makes bad jokes. Animals don't know that your spilt coffee down your white shirt. Animals don't know that you spent 30 minutes looking for a pen that works. They do, however, always seem to know when you're feeling a bit delicate. As we all know, stroking and petting animals is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. Let yourself get covered in fur - they're simple creatures and make complicated situations seem stupid and insignificant in the wake of their big, slobbery hugs.

Pamper Yourself

Get yourself to Boots, pronto. Milk and bread can wait! Your nibbled fingertips and broken nails need you and I know for a fact that you have bought four nail varnishes in the past month and haven't used a single one. Pop some trashy YouTube videos on, get in your dressing gown and light a calming, scented candle. These mud packs made a sleepover aged 13 and seem just as much of a treat nowadays. You will be the smoothest, most moisturised and manicured individual around when you stride back into work tomorrow. Work it.

Fresh Flowers

Buying flowers, be that from a local market or discount superstore, makes me feel like a very 'together' woman. Woman who buy flowers have got their shit together, plain and simple. Wash out a vase or jug, arrange those bad boys nicely and place somewhere obvious enough to remind you about your good life decisions.

There you have it! A run down of how I turn a bad day at work around. What works for you after a bad day?

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