Covet // Top Etsy Picks for Mid-Summer

I typed 'mid-summer' just a moment ago through gritted teeth. England, what are you playing at?! It was 36 degrees this time last month and now you've done a 180 on us and brought forth wind, rain and the woolen socks I felt necessary to reclaim from under my bed. As such, the Summer Bucket List has been put on pause until, well... it's actually summer again! In the mean time, I've been pixel-window shopping on Etsy for some mid-summer pick-me-ups. It feels like autumn is fast approaching (my poor flowers have taken a battering and it's back to lace up boots!) so some 'back-to-school' items have unwittingly appeared. You can never be too old...

1 // Pencil Pouch £10.59

What's been your best find on Etsy of late?

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