My Summer Bucket List

Those of you who were (lucky? unlucky?) enough to experience the well-documented and overly-sympathised heat wave last week will agree with me when I say that summer has well and truly kicked in. This year I expected to be joining the hoards of commuters crowding London's pavements at 6pm each day with a glass of beer in hand, what with it being my first summer away from education in a grown-up job. Alas, I've found myself with one and a half weeks left of work and a whole summer to enjoy before a very tough training year kicks in mid-September. Being a lover of lists and nostalgia, I've decided to create a Summer Bucket List and will do my very best to tick as many of these wishful endeavours as possible. Roll on the sunshine!

Summer Bucket List

1 // Explore the Norfolk Broads and visit an old school friend's new cafe - The River Kitchen in Wroxham.
2 // Finish branding my candles and start reaching out to stockists.
3 // Start a sewing project (and finish it).
4 // Go to a fairground and ride a rollercoaster that makes me feel sick.
5 // Read five novels (preferably in the sunshine).
6 // Visit Blickling Hall or Felbrigg Hall with Muma and drink tea in the Orangery.
7 // Have a picnic once a week, whether by the sea, a river, in the woods or a field.
8 // Take friends to Sea Palling and have a fire with marshmallows on sticks.
9 // Spend a day on a blanket reading and napping intermittently.
10 // Go to an outside cinema screening.
11 // Watch the sun go down over the Thames.
12 // Switch from Blogger to Wordpress. (Get blog redesigned!)
13 // Spend a day at the spa to recover from stress of No. 12.
14 // Spend a lazy day under the boughs of a tree in Richmond Park.
15 // Visit my friend in Paris.
16 // Visit the Palace of Versailles (with above friend).
17 // Spend the day photographing and writing in the grounds of Southside House, Wimbledon.
18 // Do a beach-a-thon (7 days, 7 beaches, probably 7 ice creams)
19 // Try out three recipes from my French Patisserie book.
20 // Spend an evening playing nostalgic PS2 video games with my brother.
21 // Have a cocktail evening using as many foraged ingredients as possible.
22 // Visit Canterbury and re-discover the beautiful spots I frequented as a student there.
23 // Check the weather. If it's nice, grab the tent and go camping.
24 // Go fishing with Dad and hopefully catch dinner.
25 // Have a crabbing competition at Walberswick. (I'm looking at you Jenny!)
26 // Visit Cornwall for the first time (eating all the seafood and wearing all the Breton stripes)
27 // Cycle around on my beautiful bike as much as possible rather than getting the bus.
28 // Learn a new skill (Knots? Watercolours? Weaving? Irish whistle!)
29 // Take my Nanny out to lunch in Norwich.
30 // Swim in the sea (and not complain about the cold).

I'm sure there are lots more I could add (and lots I might struggle to do!) but I'm nothing if not ambitious and after all it's the memories that matter most, however big or small.

What would you have on your summer bucket list?

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