The Snug Edit // Norfolk, Morning Tea & Blogging Clarity

Drumrollllllll please! After a short bought of radio silence (think last day of work celebrations, village internet and the use of an ancient laptop), I have returned. Returned, no less, with a new series that will be popping into your blog feed every two weeks, should Norfolk not shut itself down from the rest of the world in the near future (wifi issues are rife).

After reading the ripples spreading around blogland of late, I've taken some time to readdress the kinds of posts I do, want to do, and no longer want to do anymore. Luckily, there isn't anything I'm banishing completely but I have organised myself somewhat, especially in regards to 'happy posts' and 'update posts', the most hotly contested content of late.

I love reading people's happy lists, life updates and weekly reviews. In fact, I'm more likely to click on an update post than anything else, especially if I feel a bit behind with a certain blogger. They have their place. Sure, the content we're proudest of is probably those we've photographed, edited and cultivated with a particular idea in mind, but blogging is about people and connecting. Update posts achieve just that in the simplest way possible - a catch up.

Therefore, 'The Snug Edit' is going to be a regular roundup of what's going on beyond the world of blogging. Little moments, big moments, and the ones in-between.

What's Happened Since We Last Spoke...

Work has finished and a whole summer, that once stretched before me like an endless sea of opportunity and pleasure, seems very much filled out and shorter than before. Don't worry, I'll still be ticking off as many 'Summer Bucket List' items as possible, but isn't it crazy how quickly weekends fill up now?! I swear I didn't have this problem as a teenager (but then how much organisation does it take to plan 'alcopops in the park'?!).

I've come back to Norfolk for the week! So far I have spent a blissful day by the lake flicking through old magazines with my Mum, a night making as many elderflower and gin cocktail combinations as possible with friends, and a good few hours in front of the TV catching up on Dance Moms and America's Next Top Model. (It's not all baking and bunting).

I've planned a few pretty big changes here on Snug and am so excited to start implementing them! Parts of my plan includes a trip to Paris at the beginning of August, a week spent traversing the Norfolk coastline and some writing endeavours that I'll be sure to keep you posted on.

Happy Moments

1 // Witnessing two bus drivers pass each other and execute what I can only imagine was a pre-organised, rather complicated 'horn beeping' sequence. The fist pump and unashamed laughter that followed was infectious! I can only imagine the back patting they gave each other in the break room afterward.

2 // The familiar prickle and itch on my legs from walking through the wheat fields behind my family home in Norfolk (pictured). I always regret wearing shorts. I always come back with angry red ankles. I like to think it's Norfolk welcoming me back with a love bite!

3 // Catching the morning sun on a bench outside with a cup of tea in a dressing gown to stave off the morning chill. Warmth. Birdsong. Mmmmm.

The Reading Round-up

What's your favourite kind of post to read on blogs?

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