The Snug Edit // Paris, Picnics & A New Look

Things have been beyond busy of late in the nicest way possible. Remember when I wrote up a 'Summer Bucket List'? Well I've been crossing things off left right and centre and more often than not, technology has taken a backseat in my little adventures. Of course, I've been photographing lots, but I've also been acutely aware of spending time in the moment, so as to fill my brain with real-life memories as opposed to just my camera card. 

Come September, life is going to kick itself up a notch or two career wise and I'm overcompensating now for my expected lack of free time then. Alas, today I have found myself with a quiet hour or two and thought we deserved a catch up!

What's Happened Since We Last Spoke

I've been back and forth to Norfolk and London quite a few times in the last three weeks! I am a girl very much split between two places and feel I deserve shares in Greater Anglia railways for the amount of time I spend on their trains! Old school friends came round and we made foraged cocktails in the garden (with all the gin), I went to the gloriously British Holkham Country Fair and saw sheep dance (true story), and have spent many an hour on the beach in sun, wind and cloud (changing alternately every 20 minutes). It's when you pack a fleece and a bikini that you know you've done the Norfolk coast right.

That glorious trip to Paris happened and it was just peachy. Think rickety staircases, windows flung open, lots of boursin, picnics for meals, furiously apologising for a lack of French, strutting arm-in-arm with my friends like we were 10 again, being woken up by noisy accordions and permanently having a baguette sticking out of my tote. There are pictures galore coming your way!

Snug has had a makeover! I have toyed and toyed with the idea of redesigning my blog and attempted over many hours to try and do it myself. Sometimes, you have to admit defeat and after spending four-stupid-hours-trying-to-make-a-stupid-sticky-nav-bar I reached out to someone far more capable. Serena over at Pretty Wild Things was like a blogging guardian angel and somehow plucked out all my badly worded and bungled ideas and turned them into beautiful, beautiful HTML. I'm still working through my archive sorting labels and layout issues, but it's nearly there!

Happy Moments

1 // Walking around a corner in Trocadero, Paris and being confronted by the Eiffel Tower. It crept up on us! I was flooded with a huge sense of gratitude and appreciation for where I was and hugged my friend whilst bouncing up and down on the spot because apparently I'm 12.

2 // Having a moment of deja vu, whilst dancing to James Brown in a circle with all my university friends. Except one had just gotten married. When did we all grow up?!

3 // Possibly, maybe, fingers-crossed, don't-want-to-jinx it, finding a house to live in next year. Saaaaaafff London here I come!

The Reading Round Up

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  1. The new look is great, I dread the day I feel I need an update as I have no clue! Been reading your blog for a while and think it's fab! I'm moving to Peckham in September and can't wait for Saaafff life!



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